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"The world won't change on its own. We do change one by one. That makes the world change. The darkness just before the dawn is deepest. So, we do rise up together to greet the brilliant morning truly coming for the human beings.
Genki Sudo"

Deviants Advertising!

For promoting those who need help/advertising in any way! Please comment on my frontpage or send me a note if you wish for something to be included here! :heart:

:icongenmadaioh::iconsaysplz: LIMITED TIME FIRE SALE~half-price on all my commissions~  cuz i need money badly :iconhecryplz:
1. Only applicable for 1 character in 1 drawing, if you want 2 characters it will be double of the sale price (eg: 2 busts = 100+100 = 200 points)
2. Only simple plain BG or transparent bg provided for this one
3. Extra costs for complicated characters (eg: armors, weapons, crazy dresses, etc), +50 points depends on complexity
4. First come first serve
5. Paypal preferred, though points is also accepted
6. This sale is only available for a certain amount of time, so be quick~

:iconilluminatedflower::iconsaysplz: I'm scared. Please help
 I also have a Twitter and a Tumblr that you can share these if you have the apps/accounts 
twitter: hikarihanozono3 (its the pinned post)
tumblr: illuminatedflowerfield (it's likely the last thing I posted)
EDIT!!! I'm alright, I'm staying with an old friend, and it's also just now realizing that I have yet to fully explain what happened!
 Just set up a small summary so you don't have to dig through my journals I'll tell you what happen with me and my mom.
 Started high school and I don't know what exactly made her change, but I do know it was around the time that I first got my job. She encouraged me to get more hours but I kept telling her I'm a seasonal so I can't really do that and I have SATs and AP tests that I have to take. She then got on to me when I got my second job sister and refusing to take me to work blaming my friends saying they were toxic and barely let me out but it was only because I wanted to hang out on my

:iconribbon-knight::iconsaysplz: [LINK]

:iconlethalpepsi::iconsaysplz: chibi commission InfoReally shy doing this but If you don't have the money to commission me or don't want to, please tell your friends or anyone else! I would really appreciate it!

$5 for base colors only commission
$10 for shading commission
$5 extra for simple background included
CHIBI Commission Information
Bullet; RedWON'T DO
- Realism
- Extreme detail on clothing or cloth
- More than 2 characters per commission
- Violence and Guro
- Sexual content 
- Couples (at this time i can't do them)
Bullet; Green WILL DO
- Original Characters (with ART references)
- Fanart (with ART references)
:bulletgreen: Send me your paypal account and I will send you the amount due. 
:bulletgreen: Payment before I start drawing. 
:bulletgreen: I have right to say no if I th

:iconcatrojan::iconsaysplz: [Closed]Semi-Emergency Bust Commission[UPDATE] 2016/12/14 - Closed commissions for a bit after finishing a few privates. Thank you for your support! I'll focus on drawing for fun for the end of the year ( ;v; )9 IIILLL BEE BAACKK
2016/09/13 - HEY SUGARCUBES I'm still accepting!! 
Also thinking of selling renewed unused OC designs.
2016/09/12 - Bills to pay. Things I want to and need to do. Still in need of money. I'm sorry, thanks.
Sharing the news would be a lot of help, and I greatly appreciate it.
Bust-Shot Commissions for $21 each
Or ¥2100, if you can pay in JPY which should be around $0.85 cheaper
:bulletred:Depending on my workload IRL the commission may take 3 days ~ 2 weeks. (As I have a full-time job. I will contact you if there is an unexpected delay.)
:bulletred:I can use the artwork as samples and references

:iconazelilia::iconsaysplz: Chibi Point and Paypal Commission (Closed Batch 1):new: Hi everyone! I haven't update my journal since end 2014 omg. I'm not dead yetttt. Im trying to be more active TuT. Also, this time i'll be opening a batch!
If you're interested, please send me an email or LINE messages (its easier for me to track with phone) and state which commission type and the chibi types you like. Limit 2 characters for one person! No bg unless requested which i'll charge just a little bit o/
LINE: swananami
All finished commissions will be uploaded to my commission account here > :iconswanami:
Semi-Chibi 13USD / 1040:points: (based on da points converter)

Chibi 10USD / 800:points:
Couples 18USD / 1440:points:

:points: Commission: 


Paypal Commission: 
:bulletblue: co

:iconryuuen::iconsaysplz: Emergency Commissions//UpdateUpdate
I apologize for not being able to reply back for awhile, I've been really busy with family things and been under the weather as well.
I’m broke, lots of stuffs breaking and needed for work so i have to replace them (like tablet broke… 3TB HDD broke… Printer broke… orz) , please help. Need at least 1K
Or can always help me out on patreon (like… support something.)
Donations are accepted too…. I guess. Thank you
Additional Notes:
** All items are in US$
** No, you can’t haggle. Please don&

:iconestheryu::iconsaysplz: Mandala ART Contest Theme :SEASON:wave:HI~:wave:
The NEW Mandala Art Create contest announcement NOW!
BE Creative,Meaningful, love and ENJOY!
A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. In fact, "mandala" is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". Mandalas generally have one identifiable center point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms.
Mandalas can contain both geometric and organic forms. They can also contain recognizable images that carry meaning for the person who is creating it.
In essence, mandalas represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality. Designing your own mandalas can be both inspirational and therapeutic.
Aww aint it cute Guide in how to draw MANDALA:

:iconstarsophi::iconsaysplz: $5 Urgent Commissions!Yes, I will draw detailed bust sketches like this:

For $5, Paypal fees INCLUDED! Instead of $10... (2000x2000 - 300 DPI)

Why this super promotion? Because 2016 is not being "sweet" with me and lately I'm having many troubles in my life and I need to earn extra money to pay some all kind of money is needed and very important for my pocket...
Even if you can't commission me, just a share is already something grateful for me... I wouldn't ask for support if I wasn't this alerted...
To order you can comment here or through note or through private message in other communities you know me!
- LIMITED OFFER: Will only maintain it till I finally pay these debts...
Note that payment comes before giving you the original! I'll ask for it once I complete it! That's because I have a job too and my time is very limited so I don't want you to wait more than a day to have your request after paying for it.

:iconengelszorn::iconsaysplz: Help someone in a difficult situationI've been part of a group of illustrators for a little over a year now and someone in that group needs help and it's urgent. I can't name her, but here is the Gofundme page which was created by another member of the group:
She can't manage the account on her own and under her own name because the person who is causing all her stress is monitoring her constantly. The money will go directly to her and it will enable her to move out of the apartment she currently shares with her abuser. If you can spare money to save an artist in real physical and psychological danger, please help.

:icondigimitsu::iconsaysplz: Help (Long journal ahead)Edit 5, 4th July 2016: It's been a while since I updated this. It still feels awkward for me to talk about my problems and stuff here. Anyway, I wanted report that life is still really hard for us. While we've managed to clear some things around here, the place is still really tight and cramped for four of us. My dad has gotten more and more aggressive and hostile over the months, most of the times over very minor things or over things that did not even happen. He's been especially abusive towards my mom. It's clear to me that something is not... very right with his mind. When he was hospitalised a few months back, he had lashed out at the nurses and doctors, and they had pictures of him flipping over a table. He was sent to the Institute of Mental Health, but was discharged a few days after. However, the doctor did tell my mom that something is not right with him, and if he ever "acts up", she should give him a call.
Yesterday, my sister and I woke up to my parents arguing. As soon

:iconhopelessromantic721::iconsaysplz: Got a Ticket, Emergency CommissionsHey guys, seems like I got myself into another myself a speeding ticket racing home to beat curfew and a cop pulled me over.
I'm super dumb. California tickets are REALLY REALLY bad. And I can't afford this kind of stuff.
So I'm opening up for commissions in desperation that I'll beat that 300 dollars I know will come in that mail box. If there is anything you can spare, even five dollars, it will be VERY helpful. Because my family is struggling and as it is, I'm putting my money for family stuff.
So yeah, I'm asking for anyone out there to maybe come in for a commission? Only problem is that with finals coming up, I won't be able to do anything until after the first couple weeks of December. I'm super sorry. But soon as Final pass by, I'll get to everyone's commissions I promise!
I'll even take point commissions, I'm that desperate ;w;
I also remember the requests from the summer, I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN THOSE, I have those half done, just...struggling with school and you know

:iconusanyuu::iconsaysplz: COMMISSION INFO [[CLOSED]]:new: closed for now!

button by Mimru
Usanyuu/JustChelle's Commission [[CLOSED]]
Terms & Conditions
Payment has to be done through PayPal only. (For Indonesian, BCA transfer is ok)All prices are in USD$ (for Indonesian, price in USD x current rupiah price)I only accept 3 characters at max for now per order. You may ask for each of them to be in separate or one picture.Prices on my pricelist is just a guide of how it would be on basic/in general. The price will always depend on how detailed your characters' clothes/features are, but should be around so.Any purchase is non refundable except in certain circumstances from my side that forces me to refund you.You may use the artworks I have done in your website/blog/etc (as wallpaper/background, refs, thumbnails, and the like

:icongenmadaioh::iconsaysplz: (SALE) Commish under $5/500ptsCOMMISSIONS~ (HALF-PRICE FOR LIMITED TIME)
Points or Paypal 

Full colour bust with simple/uncomplicated bg = 200 points / $2.00 $1 / 100 points

Full colour waist-up with simple/uncomplicated bg = 300 points / $3.00 $1.50 / 150 points

Commish - Sanira for NFiqah by GenmadaiohC - Autumn by GenmadaiohC: Riku for akillerart72 by GenmadaiohComm - Leon for iloveleafy by Genmadaioh
Full colour full-body with simple/uncomplicated bg = 500 points / $5.00 $2.50 / 250 points

Trade - Fin for thenaughtyfish by GenmadaiohTrade - Code 72 for akillerart72 by GenmadaiohTrade - Abel for CrimsonSeal by GenmadaiohTrade - Hagen for crimsonseal by GenmadaiohComm - Flottix by GenmadaiohComm - Flottix FF by Genmadaioh

:iconlisicat::iconsaysplz: 2D Animation - I Found You - Character design by lisiCat

:icongingerbreadart::iconsaysplz: Comission InfoComission info valid for 2017 until I next need to change it.
I do logos,  book illustrations, concept art, stand alone art, 2D artwork for apps and games, posters, character designs, portraits... you name it I will try it. Contact me for a more detailed quote, but these prices are indicative of what I charge for one off pieces or art that will be reproduced on a small scale. No points comissions, and no fanart  requests please, you must be the IP holder for what you need me to draw.
Character drawings
Black and white illustration (one character without background.) From £20
Colour Illustration (one character without background.) From £30
+£15 for each additional character
+£5 for a simple background
+£15 for a complex background
Digital Concept art and Illustration starts at £50 this covers illustration, posters, covers, comic strips, adverts etc.
Logos\business branding starts at £100
Original art on canvas or paper starts

:iconkrystlekmy::iconsaysplz: Commission 2017     
:target: RULES :target:
Commission Order: ___ (Example: 1 Digital Art)
Style: ____ (Example: Anime Colour)
Normal/Chibi: _______
Characters: ____ (Example: 1)
Reference: (LINK)
Details: __ (Example: I want that pose...)
Background: ______ (Example: Floor / None)
:note: 1 :points: = 1 cents. Please do NOT send your points into my donation pool / gifts. I will use commission widget for you to click it as soon as you'e ready.
:bulletgreen: Please give me your concept, photo or reference for commission. 
:bulletgreen: Please give me your ideas or rough sketch, so I could pick good one of your ideas.
:bulletgreen: I'll start your order after I received your full payment. Once I received your

++ ETCs ++




Zue has started a donation pool!
50 / 5,000
Gonna be used for core renewal.. Thank you for your support! :love:

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Animetor Lily
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

AQ: Rock Paper Scissors by Zue


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 5:03 AM
  • Listening to: Nightwish
  • Reading: David Eddings
My timid rabbit friend is just starting out with her new commissions spree~! Please go and check out her stuff, her style really so cute and affordable!! 
Commissions OPENInformation and rules

Will Draw: 
+ Humans, Angels, Demons, Elves, Kemonomimi
+ Homosexual, Heterosexual 
+ Light Nudity 
+ Orginal Characters/Adopted Characters
+ Fanart (Depends on what type)
Will NOT draw:
- Porn
- Very young children / Elderly people
- Overly muscled men 
- Gore
- Mech / Anthros / Furries
- References that are hard to see
Bullet; Black Payment is through PayPal only 
Bullet; Black Will add paypal fee to price so I can get the full amount for the art
Bullet; Black I will not start work on your commission until you have paid.
Bullet; Black Please specify what you want by filling out the form below. 
Bullet; Black Please do not rush m

AlsoYo~~~! Just a shoutout, my sister is having a 50% off on her commissions, check out the link below if you're interested! :iconmuahplz:

LIMITED TIME FIRE SALE~half-price on all my commissions~  cuz i need money badly :iconhecryplz:
1. Only applicable for 1 character in 1 drawing, if you want 2 characters it will be double of the sale price (eg: 2 busts = 100+100 = 200 points)
2. Only simple plain BG or transparent bg provided for this one
3. Extra costs for complicated characters (eg: armors, weapons, crazy dresses, etc), +50 points depends on complexity
4. First come first serve
5. Paypal preferred, though points is also accepted
6. This sale is only available for a certain amount of time, so be quick~

Seeking help to raise $1,063 before Dec 2016 ends! Q^Q 

14 deviants said Full story: thatuglyducklingsjunk.tumblr.c…
2 deviants said Order Commission (zue):
1 deviant said Donate via Ko-Fi:
1 deviant said Order Commission (genma):
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